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Can I Help You?

A rapid-fire game show with the shopkeepers behind our favorite stores. We ask them as many questions as possible in the span of 90 seconds, and they steer us in the right shopping direction.No Episodes Found

The Goods

Stories about people and their stuff. We explore how and why we shop, whether it’s an impulse buy at a street stall or a heavily researched investment purchase. Tastemakers, shopping experts, and curious consumers weigh in on their consumption habits and hacks. No Episodes Found

Shop With Me

An investigation of everything shopping can be: a diversion, an errand, an exploration, a lesson. We observe how people, products, and shops come together to better understand the value of real, live shopping.No Episodes Found


Honest, unfiltered opinions from experts on sought-after products. Why waste hours researching the best new thing when a professional can do it for you?No Episodes Found


We research everything there is to know about a product and lay out the notable specs all in one place. Don't spend hours reading online reviews and scouring e-commerce sites—just look here. No Episodes Found


Curated shopping lists for real life situations. Furnishing your first apartment? Outfitting your kitchen? Hosting a dinner party? We chart guidelines for success. No Episodes Found

Wants and Needs

Everyone has a wishlist. But there’s a distinct difference between what you want and what you need. We ask some of our favorite writers, celebrities, musicians, and more to dish.No Episodes Found


The stories behind the most beloved boutiques, storefronts, and mom-and-pop shops. We study each storefront like a character, probing the contours of its history, personality, and point of view. No Episodes Found

Anatomy of a Room

A look inside some of our favorite apartments—and the stories about the stuff in them. No Episodes Found

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