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Our team of researchers, shopping enthusiasts, and gadget nerds investigate everything there is to know about a shopping category. We break down the specs, styles, price range, and anything else worth considering so that you can buy the perfect product for your lifestyle. No Episodes Found


Curated shopping lists for real life situations. Furnishing your first apartment? Outfitting your kitchen? Hosting a dinner party? We show you what's needed for a successful outcome. No Episodes Found

Skimp or Splurge

There are times to spend and times to thrift. In this series, we investigate which items are worth shelling out for and which ones you should buy on a budget. No Episodes Found

The Goods

Stories about the stuff we have, the stuff we love, and the intersection between the two.No Episodes Found


Experts test products on Quiddity and recommend their favorites. Why waste hours researching when a professional can do that for you?No Episodes Found


We research everything there is to know about a product and lay out the notable specs and features all in one place. Don't spend hours reading online reviews and scouring e-commerce sites—just look here. No Episodes Found