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Our Methodology | Quiddity

The internet has revolutionized the way we shop, but there’s too much information.

The philosophy behind Quiddity is simple: we scour the internet, so you don’t have to. What does that mean, specifically? We crunch the numbers on what the experts think, how the customers feel, what the brands say, and the value of each product. Then we synthesize those metrics to spit out our proprietary Quid Score.

Think of the Quid Score as the internet's choice. We weight and average the Expert Score, Customer Score, Brand Score, and Retail Value Index into a single number. That number won’t necessarily dictate your purchase—this isn’t a zero-sum game, after all—but instead help inform what, exactly, you want and need.

Here’s how we break down each category:

Expert Score: The cumulative average score of every well respected and reputable expert review our researchers can find, from Wired and The New York Times to cnet and PC Mag. Each individual source is subjective, but any individual bias evens out when we combine them together.

Customer Score: The cumulative average score of every customer review our researchers can find, from Amazon to big-box retailers. And if a small mom-and-pop shop had online customer reviews we found them, too.

Brand Score: An evaluation that measures each brand’s heritage, innovation, reliability, social good, and relevance. This takes into account factors including Alexa rankings, social footprint, corporate responsibility, and brand sentiment.

Retail Value Index: We’ve indexed the lowest price of a product relative to the average price of the entire category.

The Quid Score: is the most trustworthy measurement of a product. We developed it to help you make the most informed shopping decision with the least amount of effort. We did dozens of hours of research so you only have to spend 10 minutes finding the product that’s right for you.

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