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Natalie Daher


Writer and journalist in NYC.

The Goods

Flying With “Phone-Free Music” From Fitbit

The company known for smartwatches wants to soar above the neck.

Wants and Needs

Kate Downey Wants A $175 Pocket But Needs Socks

She’s inked, and she’s eyeing more sleeves.

The Goods

Master & Dynamic Is Not “Plastic And Disposable”

By landing partnerships with top designers, the three-year-old company is performing ahead of its age.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattresses Perform, So You Can, Too

Sleep, one of the greatest equalizers, is increasingly backed by data. The startup Tomorrow Sleep, a division of legacy brand Serta Simmons, optimizes its line of mattresses with science and engineering. The brand is committed to dispelling a culture of “sleep sacrifice.” And the company’s Atlanta-based research team is fine-tuning its sleep trackers, buried within the popular Hybrid mattress. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence will continue to “get smarter,” eventually coaching humans on how to sleep better, according to founder Bryan Murphy. Quiddity spoke with Murphy about applying data, fostering innovation, and controlling the ecosystem to maximize sleep.

The Goods

‘The Actual Industry Has a Problem’: Lemonade Isn’t Marketing Insurance Fluff

The speedy startup is guaranteeing money back with few (or no) questions. Just ask the bot.

Making Renters Insurance Easier with Nationwide Insurance

For less than $20 a month, the average renter can protect nearly $30K in personal property.

Eight Sleep Believes that If You Build Your Own Mattress, Sleep Will Come

The company created a customizable mattress and introduced an AI coach—all in pursuit of optimization.

From Coast to Coast With Farmers Insurance

Potential lawsuits are everybody’s problem, and you probably own more than you think.


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