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How to Build a Home Podcast Studio

It’s easy to set up a recording studio in your living room.

A Photographer's Quest for Renters Insurance

Photographer, podcast host, and artist Nick Onken searches for the perfect renters insurance policy.

Nicky Paul Finds Audiophile-Approved Headphones

Musician and avid runner Nicky Paul walks through headphone options, searching for the best in-ear headphones.

Nick Paul is Desperate for True Sound

Musician and producer Nick Paul searches for the perfect over-ear headphones that deliver accurate sound and cancel outside noise.

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Fitness Guru Nick Vargas' Winning Blender

Nick Vargas hosts the ultimate face-off between the Hamilton Beach Power Elite and the Nutribullet 900 Series. Which blender will come out on top?


Alex Parodi Styles Headphone-Focused Outfits

Alex Parodi, a New York City-based art director and fashion enthusiast, styles headphones to go with her closet.


Triathlon Coach Puts Smartwatches to the Test

Earl Walton, triathlon coach and founder of New York City’s Tailwind Endurance, reviews Quiddity’s top smartwatches.


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