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Babeland: A Shop for Books, Candles, and Butt Plugs

Babeland, a sex toy brand with shops in NYC and Seattle, offers something for everyone—whether you’re on your first or fiftieth visit.

Village Grannies: A Smoke Shop, Art Gallery, and Living Room All in One

Village Grannies in downtown Manhattan looks and feels unlike any other smoke shop you’ve been inside.

Sprout Home is on a Mission to Spread ‘Plant Love’

At Sprout Home, an indie garden center with locations in Williamsburg and Chicago, a green thumb is welcome—but not required.
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With Linx Vapor, There’s No Smoke and Mirrors

The Orange County company is making health nut-approved vaporizers.

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How Dipstick Vapes Dove into the Hardware World

The mission-driven vaporizer brand that isn’t afraid to align with cannabis culture.

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Tenga Seeks to 'Change the Conversation Around Masturbation'

The Japanese adult toy brand creates products that aren’t embarrassing to buy.

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At Peru Pima, It’s All in the Family

This family-owned textile brand from Peru is making it in America—all by word of mouth.

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Flying With “Phone-Free Music” From Fitbit

The company known for smartwatches wants to soar above the neck.

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A Seattle Authority on Specialty Coffee Tools Talks Coffee Culture

Espresso Supply, Inc. has grown along with American tastes.

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Garden of Life Listens to Your Gut

The supplement brand believes digestive health is at the root of overall health.

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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Protects Pets ‘Against the Unexpected’

The pet insurance company offers flexible plans for whatever life may have in store.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattresses Perform, So You Can, Too

Sleep, one of the greatest equalizers, is increasingly backed by data. The startup Tomorrow Sleep, a division of legacy brand Serta Simmons, optimizes its line of mattresses with science and engineering. The brand is committed to dispelling a culture of “sleep sacrifice.” And the company’s Atlanta-based research team is fine-tuning its sleep trackers, buried within the popular Hybrid mattress. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence will continue to “get smarter,” eventually coaching humans on how to sleep better, according to founder Bryan Murphy. Quiddity spoke with Murphy about applying data, fostering innovation, and controlling the ecosystem to maximize sleep.

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‘The Actual Industry Has a Problem’: Lemonade Isn’t Marketing Insurance Fluff

The speedy startup is guaranteeing money back with few (or no) questions. Just ask the bot.

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At Merrick, Pets are Family

The Texas-based pet food brand believes man’s best friend should dine on the best.

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Lelo Sex Toys: the Ultimate Birthday Presents

Maybe not for your mom, but definitely for your girlfriend.

Making Renters Insurance Easier with Nationwide Insurance

For less than $20 a month, the average renter can protect nearly $30K in personal property.

Looking for A Good Night’s Sleep? Go to Craig’s Beds

Craig Fruchtman just wants you to be comfortable.

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Mr. Black is Mixing up the Coffee Cocktail

Forget the White Russian—there’s a lot more you can do with coffee liqueur.

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Dame Sex Toys: For Women, By Women

The women-led sex toy brand aims to fill the “pleasure gap” in heterosexual intimacy.

Eight Sleep Believes that If You Build Your Own Mattress, Sleep Will Come

The company created a customizable mattress and introduced an AI coach—all in pursuit of optimization.

From Coast to Coast With Farmers Insurance

Potential lawsuits are everybody’s problem, and you probably own more than you think.

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Cyndi Ramirez and Adam Fulton, by their own admission, met in “a hopeless place.”

The New York City nightlife duo discuss candles, leather jackets, and the branding for their own wedding.

Embrace: a Pet Insurance Policy that Makes Sense

The Cleveland, OH-based company aims to be ‘more than just a safety net for your budget.’

Luggage, Minus the Baggage: Andiamo’s Effortless Style

The legacy luggage brand is catering to a new kind of traveler.

Travel Free With Away

The New York luggage brand rethinking not just how to pack, but how to travel.

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Get Up Close and Personal(ized) with PAX Vaporizers

The Silicon Valley company hopes to revolutionize how we smoke.

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Chef’d Wants to Be the Amazon of Meal Kits

The delivery service offers customers options aplenty.

Healthy Paws: Pet Insurance by Pet Lovers

The company makes filing claims quick and easy, so you can focus on caring for your pet.


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