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Quiddity is shopping journalism.

There's too much information these days. Too many product reviews of questionable merit. Too many so-called influencers with murky motivations. A single search can yield thousands of results. Enter Quiddity. We’ve sifted through the deluge of information across the internet so you don’t have to. Quiddity is simple: we do all the research and legwork for you, to help you make the best possible purchase.

We analyze every aspect of the product sphere.

Tech specs, brand heritage, and social responsibility to expert ratings, customer reviews, and value. The end result is the ultimate consumer service: comprehensive buyers guides, deeply-researched product pages, and aspirational features that inspire and inform.

The information you see on Quiddity is objective.

Our researchers are brand agnostic. We identify the most reliable expert ratings, customer reviews, and retail options within each category. Then we synthesize and standardize all the specs and reviews into simple shopping advice. For each product, we provide a snapshot of the average expert rating, customer rating, and lowest available price. You’ll also find the individual ratings and retail options.

Each product is passed through our analytical framework.

Then we feature the top 10 on Quiddity. The truth is, they're all great products—we just help you identify which one is best for your needs.

There’s a wall between our editorial and business staff.

Our writers and editors know nothing about the affiliate relationships we might have with brands or online retailers. Yes, one of the ways we make money is when our readers buy stuff—but we don’t care what you buy. We’re just here to help. Our product picks are quantitative and our stories are qualitative. You can trust us.

We designed Quiddity to help you home in on the criteria that’s most essential to you.

We covet the essentials, not the extras. (Unless, of course, you want the extras. We'll help you find those, too.) We want to streamline your world, not clutter it. Quiddity is where commerce and culture meet. Come shop with us.

We’re only just beginning…

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We’re busy adding categories to Quiddity - coming soon are: cocktail shakers, fertility tracking apps, towels, and much more!

What would you like us to cover next? Let us know at [email protected]

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